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Angelica: Angelica~Hotter Than Ever

One person for whom we can all be thankful this year is Angelica. Her "body of work"  makes her one of the most popular, sought after girls in the history of X-Art. And what a body, a face certain "je ne sais quois" that cums with her sizzling hot, intense sexuality. You may have read somewhere that she is retired from erotica and that you will never again see a new video of her passionately fucking. But that would be wrong, Here is a shoot you have never seen exclusively for our subscribers. Angelica is ready for a massage, and the body oil dripping from her newly slender, unbelievably gorgeous frame soon led to a very wet pussy as well. Can you imagine massaging Angelica and then thrusting your cock inside her as she smiles and gasps with delight? This model of all models loves to fuck with all her heart. The missionary position sex and the way she curls her toes when Ben takes her from behind alone are worth the price of admission. But this Russian princess loves multiple orgasms and is not done yet. Just for you: Angelica - hotter than ever. XOXO, Colette PS. More Angelica to Cum...


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