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Caprice: Deep Inside Caprice

Enjoy this HD video featuring gorgeous Caprice playing with a clear dildo that lets you see deep inside!

When we met up in Caprice in Europe, she was looking more beautiful and radiant than ever. Her body was in top shape, and her skin was flawless and smooth.

Caprice was sitting in bed reading a naughty novel, wearing white cotton panties and a matching top. As she pulled the top of her shirt up, her perfectly perky breasts jutted out. The feeling of the warm air on her naked skin turned her on.

She slowly slipped her hand inside her panties, brushing her outer lips with two fingers. She could feel that she was already starting to get wet.

On her back, Caprice slipped off her panties, lifting her feet high in the air to give better access to her pussy. She opened her pussy lips with both hands, so she could feel the wetness inside.

Caprice played with herself for a minute or two before grabbing her new sex toy - a large, smooth, clear glass 'kaleidoscope' dildo.  She licked the cylinder to get it wet, and then rubbed it gently on the outside of her pussy.

As she pushed the end of the toy into the soft opening of her pussy, she wondered how on earth she could ever fit it inside. She could feel her lips stretching around the hard shaft.

Once the toy hit the wetness inside, it moved more easily. She worked it back and forth until she was able to slide the end in. She moaned uncon


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