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Erica: DP Double Pleasure

In this HD video from X-Art, sexy blond Erica tries her very first double penetration!

Erica is a free spirit, and she loves to experiment with sex. She got really turned on just thinking about having a threesome with two studly guys.

Erica's boyfriend watched with a smile on his face as she started to suck on Mr. X's generously-sized member. She did her best to swallow it down her throat, which made a really sexy sound.

In the meantime, Erica's boyfriend reached around and grabbed her ass, gently spreading her pink pussy open... it was getting really wet inside.

Erica reclined on the bed and opened her legs. Her boyfriend spooned her and started to fuck her from behind as she continued to suck lucky Mr. X's cock.

After a few minutes, Erica's boyfriend asked her, "Do you want him to fuck you too?"

She smiled as they switched positions. Mr. X pushed his big cock inside her tight pussy as she gulped down her boyfriend. In and out... Mr. X pounded her slowly at first, then faster and deeper.

When Erica was about to cum, she reached back and grabbed one ass cheek. She looked her boyfriend in the eyes and said, "Come on. I'm ready now, Baby!"

Her boyfriend eagerly guided the tip of his cock into her ass. It made a little popping sound as it slid in, tight as could be.

We hope you enjoy watching as much as Erica enjoyed making this video!


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