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Kim: Love In Prague

It is a beautiful afternoon in Prague. Time for a walk and hand-holding with your new boyfriend. If you are Kim, a warm, sudsy bath back at the hotel is next. But wait. Kim discovers that even after she towels off, she still is very wet. Between here lovely, slender legs in fact. Luckily, she knows that James is in bed and that his cock is aching to be sucked by her. And this girl feels like a long, slow ride. Kim feels so good, so sexy as she fucks him in her white lingerie. In this romantic setting, her orgasms are hard, fast and many. Then she gets completely naked, fully revealing her fantastic, physically fit body. As she slowly moves her hips, the feeling of his swollen dick against her clit puts Kim into the world of sexual ecstasy. Her eyes sparkle and the smile on her gorgeous face becomes wider as James slowly goes deeper. No need to hurry. This is one of those Great Romantic Fucks that you want to go on forever. And because Kim loves X-Art fans to watch, you can cum with her on a lovely afternoon again and again. XOXO, Colette


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