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Leila & Carmen: Christmas Vacation

It's Christmas vacation and Leila and Carmen have a few weeks of tropical fun planned.

Both girls attend college in the United States, but Leila is from Hungary and Carmen is from Brazil. Since they are both from foreign countries they have a lot in common and became best friends. They also discovered that they are both extremely horny girls, they like to have sex with each other and pick up guys together for threesomes.

On the second day of their island vacation they go snorkeling and upon emerging from the ocean they spot a hot, young guy. Watch as they go down on him in tandem, ride him and let him fuck them both until they all have awesome orgasms.

Make sure to download this fun and sexy HD video to your permanent collection of high-quality erotica!

P.S. Seth, Leila and Carmen are HOT for each other, the chemistry is REAL. I know this because ..well let's just say that 'there were plenty of 'extracurricular' activities during our recent shooting trip involving these three. Just watch the video and judge for yourself. XOXO ~ Colette


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