Silvie & Erica: Girlfriends

In this HD video, Silvie and Erica share a SUPER-HOT sexual encounter while their boyfriends are away.

Blonde Erica invited her gorgeous friend Silvie over for the afternoon, since their guys went surfing.

The girls planned to spend the time catching up on each others' lives and nude sunbathing - working on their all-over suntans.

When Erica saw Silvie's long, slender, perfect body and those full, perky breasts, something stirred inside her. With butterflies in her stomach, Erica took a chance by giving her close friend a playful kiss on the nose.

Silvie responded by kissing Erica, this time full on the mouth. Sparks started to fly when their tongues finally met, swirling together in the soft, warm flesh.

Erica climbed on top of Silvie and pressed one knee between her legs, feeling the warmth there. With her right hand, she started to gently rub Silvie's pussy, using a circular motion.

Silvie relaxed fully as Erica's tongue danced around her pussy, gently licking her lips and the area around her clit. Silvie wanted to wait for her orgasm, to be sure they could come at the same time. So, just as she was about to cum, she lifted herself up and switched positions.

Erica's pussy was absolutely beautiful. Silvie added extra wetness with her tongue and then gradually worked one (and then TWO) fingers inside. Silvie fucked her with her fingers while playfully licking her clit.


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