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Tiffany: Tiffany's Tight Ass

HD Video: With her fashion model body, full lips, penetrating eyes and personality, X-Art exclusive model Tiffany can do anything. Given the bond of trust and love that we long have shared with her, Tiffany wanted our subscribers to see her as YOU NEVER HAVE SEEN HER BEFORE. It started when Tiffany looked into Brandon’s eyes and said,"I want you to fuck me in my ass – and with our X-Art friends watching!” On the first day on the set, everyone was excited and nervous with anticipation. As Tiffany looked into our cameras with a twinkle in her eyes as she sucked Brandon’s cock, I knew that she really was ready.  When Tiffany spread her pussy and her cheeks for Brandon, it was like they were fucking for the first time. Then the moment came. The butt plug looks so sexy.  As Brandon eased his ample cock into Tiffany’s tight ass, she gasped in delight. Tiffany spread her cheeks even wider as Brandon’s cock moved in and out of her back door – first slowly, than faster.  And deeper. She loved it! And Tiffany definitely loved us watching. Wait until you see how she shows her appreciation. xoxo Colette


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